PTCL Bills Online 2021 – Check PTCL Bill Right Now

PTCL Bills Online is the best opportunity to fetch your bills online. Every month, the users of PTCL get their bills delivered through bill copy to their registered address or SMS or registered mobile numbers. Consumers can also get their duplicate bills and other online services on the official website.  Pakistan Telecommunication Limited, also known as PTCL, is one of the largest and oldest telecom provider companies in Pakistan. In the early days, it was providing landline service for home and corporate users, with the time they introduced broadband service, TV screaming, and EVO. 

PTCL Bills Online 2021

PTCL offers internet devices as EVO. There are two options when you go for their internet subscription, one fiber optic, and another wireless modem; both are available at affordable prices with seamless connectivity.

Pakistan telecommunication is providing the best service to keep their subscribers satisfied all the time. To facilitate them in a better way, PTCL offers online billing. Now you can pay all your bills related to PTCL services online. You can see and pay your all monthly bill online. 

You can also fetch your previous bills and their records. All broadband and landline bills or duplicate bills are easy to get online. The online bills service is available in selected areas of Pakistan.

  • Gujranwala
  • Faisalabad
  • Karachi
  • Multan 
  • And many others.

Check PTCL Bills Online

All PTCL bills are accessible from customer details; you can check your bill online without your account ID. all the time you check, you must need your account number to fetch. If you do not remember your account number, don’t worry, check your bill without an account number, click the button given on the top of the page, put your landline number, and submit with the button, your bill will have appeared on your screen.

 How to Check PTCL Bills Online?

Online billing has revolutionized all consumer’s standards; you can pay your bills with just a few clicks. If you are not familiar with internet browsing or internet banking, check the step-by-step guide below for your ease. Keep a previous bill copy with you to fetch the new one.

You need an active internet connection and mobile device or laptop.


  1. Click the button above; it will take you to another page
  2. Insert your landline number and your account id in the box
  3. Click on the show bill
  4. Your current month’s PTCL bill will be on your screen.

The above method is applicable for generating all PTCL services bills, including landline, broadband, ECO Wingle, and PTCL Ebill. You can also check the charges of devices offered by PTCL and tax details.

PTCL Duplicate Bill Copy

PTCL Duplicate Bill Copy

It is mandatory to pay your PTCL bills on time. If you haven’t paid your bill on time, either you will be charged with extra charges or may lose your connection. If you are having trouble finding your bill copy to pay or haven’t arrived yet at your house. You can easily claim your PTCL duplicate bill copy online. 

How to Get PTCL Bills Copy Online?

You can quickly get your duplicate bill copy online. You don’t have to visit the office and claim a copy from there; enter your bill details, and a bill will have appeared on your screen.

Follow the steps below to get your duplicate bill copy.

  1. Click on the button given at the top of this page
  2. Click on duplicate bill copy
  3. Select your service
  4. Enter your details 
  5. Your duplicate bill copy will have appeared on the screen.


Once the bill appears on your screen, you have options to download or print the bill online. 

To download your bill, click on the download button, your duplicate bill copy will start downloading.

To print your bill, click on the print button and select the designated printer in the setting and start printing.

PTCL Bill Payments

All the consumers of PTCL across Pakistan can submit their monthly bills through different channels; there are different banks, mobile applications, and fintech companies offering all bill payments online and offline.

PTCL Online Bill Payments

Various online applications are accepting your bills online. You can pay your bills online with these apps, add your billing information to your app, and pay your monthly bills with them. Every month the bill will be fetched automatically, and you will be notified about your bill amount and other details. Once your bill is paid with these apps, you will get a notification through a confirmation message.


How to Pay PTCL Bills Online?

All applications vary in terms of the interface, but the elements and features are almost the same. To add your PTCL bill to your account, go through the following process.

  1. Log in to your bank application
  2. Select bill payments
  3. Select telephone
  4. Select PTCL in the company section
  5. Put your landline number or account ID in the section 
  6. Your bill with your registered personal details will have appeared
  7. You can now pay and check its status monthly.


Various Banks Offering Online and Offline PTCL Bill Payments

Almost all the banks in Pakistan are offering online bill payment facilities. We have listed the banks which provide applications and allow users to pay their bills through internet banking.  


  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • Bank Al Habib Limited
  • Habib Bank Limited
  • Askari Bank Limited
  • Bank al Falah
  • Allied Bank Limited
  • Faysal Bank Limited
  • Meezan Bank Limited.


Micro Finance Banking Application

banking application

Two well-known applications in Pakistan are offering online bill payments and money transfers. You can quickly pay your PTCL bills online through these applications. You can create your account easily with your registered CNIC and mobile number. You can maintain and add money to your account through registered local shops.

  • Jazz cash
  • Easypaisa

PTCL Internet Packages

When it comes to affordable and average speed internet bundles, the PTCL internet packages provide the best price for its valuable customers. There are various internet packages, and you can choose according to your needs. The cost varies according to internet speed, and all packages offer unlimited downloads and browsing volume.

PTCL Support

If you have any issues related to your PTCL connection, you can reach its helpline and submit your query. They are offering two modes to ask for help.

Live Chat

If you are familiar with internet browsing, you can reach its support team through live chat for instant support and reply. They are available at office time only; you can get an instant reply between 9 am to 9 pm. If lots of users reach simultaneously, you have to wait for your turn to get a response.

Phone Support

If you are not familiar with internet browsing or online support, you can reach the helpline center through their official phone numbers. The numbers may be busy due to the high load, but you will get an instant response most of the time.

DesignationContact Numbers
Assistant for service and purchaseDial 1218
Billing informationDial 1200
For Inquiry and Directory ServicesDial 1217
A complaint about Fault / all service assistanceDial 1218
Corp HelpDial +92-1260-111-202020
 Director InquiryDial 0800-01217
Main HelplineDial +92-021-111-282828

Email Contact

Few firms offer helpline support through email in Pakistan. PTCL is offering online Email support; customers can send their queries to It takes time to get responses through email. 


Online bill payment has made life more comfortable. The majority of the companies in Pakistan providing services have shifted to online bill payments for consumers’ ease. PTCL has also facilitated their consumers that they can pay all PTCL related services bills online. There are various banks and local franchises that accept bills, but you can pay bills while sitting at home with just a few steps. You just need a bank account with an optimum balance to pay. 

Banks in Pakistan are offering online apps for internet banking; you can register your account for online internet banking and quickly pay all your bills online easily. 



Can I pay my PTCL bills online?

Yes, you can pay for all services related to PTCL online.

How can I get my PTCL bills online?

Click on the button on the top of this page or go to the official website of PTCL, click on bills and insert your registered MDN number; your PTCL bill will be generated on your screen.

How to check the PTCL bills online on the PTCL app?

Download the app into your phone and follow the below steps

  • Login with your details into the app 
  • Select bill and payments
  • Select your connection
  • Put your registered MDN number in the box
  • Click on submit button 
  • The bill will be generated 

How can I check my previous bills?

You can check your previous bill online and offline.


You can visit the office and claim for the bill copy of the month you want.


Go to the official website or log in to the app and follow the below steps

  • Select bills
  • Select your connection
  • Put your MDN number 
  • Select the month of the bill you want
  • You can further download and print your bill online.