How to Pay PTCL Bill Online 2021

Does the below article contain information related to how to pay the PTCL bill online? If you have been experiencing problems paying your PTCL bills, you should learn how to pay PTCL bills online. There are many reasons people choose not to pay their bills back, including the fact that they don’t have time or can’t afford to. There is no reason to continue to struggle each month when there are options available. It’s easier than ever to get rid of waiting in a long queue in banks and have more control over your finances. You will learn how to pay PTCL bills online in just a few minutes.

You can quickly pay all your PTCL bills online. It may seem like a better option than the options you have previously experienced, but you will quickly find that there are many advantages and disadvantages to this method. Due to illiteracy, consumers are not familiar with internet banking, and they cannot pay online.

To make things easier, You will need to create an account on the official website to have access to all the information you need when it comes to paying your bills. You can choose which bills to pay, and you will have the option to make payments every month. These bills are usually sent to you by mail, which makes it difficult, if not impossible, to forget to send a payment on time. Once your account is set up, you can then pay your bills through the secure site.

How to pay PTCL Bill online?

Online internet banking has facilitated the users and made their life more comfortable than ever. Users can pay all their bills online while sitting at home or anywhere. The process is simple; you need a bank account and mobile or laptop. There are various platforms on which you can pay your PTCL bills online.

We have described each step in detail below.


Check this first

If you are paying a bill online for the first time, you have to manually add your billing connection with the information in all these apps; tap on the pay button, your bill will be fetched with your billing details.


Online PTCL Bill Payment Through Website

Bill Payment Through Website

The official website of PTCL offers online bill payments. Follow the steps below

  • Go to PTCL official website
  • Click on PTCL bill payments
  • Select your connection
  • Put your information in the box
  • Your bill will have appeared
  • Click on bill payment
  • Enter your bank details 
  • Your bill will appear as paid

Once your bill is paid through an online website, you will get a confirmation message on your registered number.


Online PTCL Bill Payment Through Banks

There are various banks offering internet banking applications, you can pay your PTCL bills with these apps quickly. Check the process below to avail this facility.


  • Log in to your bank app
  • Select bills
  • Select PTCL
  • Select the service
  • Put your MDN number
  • Your bill will be generated on the screen
  • Tap on pay now
  • Your bill will be shown as paid.

Online bank application needs online registration for internet banking. You must have an optimum balance to pay your bills online.


Online PTCL Bill Payment Through Microfinance Banks

Bill Payment Through Microfinance Banks

There are few microfinance banks in Pakistan offering apps for online bill payments and internet banking. You can link your bank account with these bank’s apps and perform internet banking.

The process to pay PTCL with this bank is given below,

  • Log in to the app
  • Select bills payment
  • Select PTCL
  • Select your service
  • Put your MDN number in the box
  • Your bill will have appeared 
  • Click on pay now
  • Your bill will be shown as paid.


You must know that,

If an online bill payment service requires clients to provide bank account information, this information must be kept confidential. Clients need to choose a company that will take precautions to protect client information. Payments are made through certified banks or credit card processors. These companies have measures in place to stop others from misuse of the information provided. However, one may not be able to cancel or change online payments once they have been established. 



To pay your PTCL bills online, you must be familiar with online internet banking to process transactions; it is easy to process, and we have listed all the steps with a complete guide so you can easily follow the steps.




Q. Are there any charges to pay the PTCL bill online?

There are no additional charges to pay your PTCL bills online.


Q. How can I check if my PTCL bill is paid or not?

Once your bill is paid, you will get a confirmation message, and if the last bill was not paid, you would get that bill status as unpaid in the next month’s bill.


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