PTCL Duplicate Bills 2021

PTCL Duplicate bill can save your time and money if you are unable to get your monthly bill. Most of the time, it can happen that you misplace your PTCL bills or receive your bill delayed, near to the due date of a monthly bill. It is a significant problem that creates a massive fine in additional charges because you delayed PTCL billing. In some cases, you may lose your connection.

In order to avoid these kinds of problems, you have to make sure that you receive a bill early enough so that you can make the necessary corrections and adjustments to receive the correct payments for the policy year.


PTCL Duplicate Bill. 

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If you haven’t received your PTCL bill yet and the bill payment date is near to expire, you can claim the duplicate bill copy. It is another copy of your bill that could help you pay and submit the bill for various reasons. All you need is just your billing information to get your duplicate bill online.


It is very easy to get your duplicate bill copy. All you have to do is submit the previous bill to the office, and they provide you a duplicate copy of your bill. Now you can easily access your bill copy. Just enter your MDN number on the above box and choose the billing month you want.


How to Get a PTCL Duplicate Bill?

You can visit your nearest PTCL office and submit your application for a duplicate bill. The staff will immediately handover you a copy of your bill. You need an old bill copy or your bill account/reference number. 

You can use the duplicate bill copy for all your documentation processes, and also, you can pay your bills online and offline. 


PTCL Duplicate Bill Online.

PTCL Duplicate Bill Online

PTCL offers the facility for its consumers that they can view the duplicate bill copy online. You can view, print, and download the bill copy online. You don’t have to visit the office and claim the bill there; you can get it at your home or anywhere. You need an active internet connection and laptop, mobile or desktop.


How to download duplicate bills online.

Follow the below steps; we have made the process easy for you.

  1. Go to the official website of PTCL or Click on the button on top of this page 
  2. Click on the duplicate bill icon
  3. Enter your MDN number in the box and submit it
  4. Your duplicate bill copy will be generated on the screen
  5. You can also print and download the bill; options are given below the bill.



Getting a duplicate bill is now easier; It will take you not more than a few minutes to fetch a duplicate bill, and you can check your PTCL Bill very easily nowadays; there are no extra charges to get a bill copy online. The process is very simple and hassle-free. This system of checking your PTCL bill has made life very easy for every user as now it is very easy to know what all PTCL bills are due and if you have any pending charges. You will not have to pay any extra charges for this service. This is the best way to avoid extra charges.



How much does it take to get a duplicate bill?

When you visit the office, you can get it immediately. Just provide the bill details, and they will hand over your bill copy.


How to download duplicate bill copy online?

Just click on the duplicate bill on IESCO official website and submit with details; you will see a download button below, click the button, your bill will be downloaded.  


How to get a duplicate bill through the PTCL app?

Follow the below steps to get your bill on the PTCL app

  • Login with your registered details in the app
  • Select the Bill Inquiry & Payment
  • Select the D-Bill
  • If you haven’t linked your connection yet, link your connection in the app
  • Select the connection
  • Select the date or month you want
  • You can proceed to download and print.


Can I pay my bill through a duplicate bill?

Yes, you can pay your bill with your duplicate bill copy.


There are any charges to get the duplicate bill?

There are no charges to get a duplicate bill.


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