PTCL EVO Bills 2021

The below article uplifted all the information related to the PTCL EVO bill.

Pakistan telecommunication limited, also known as PTCL, is the largest and oldest telecom service provider in Pakistan. It offers many services such as landline, streaming, and internet as EVO.

You can choose between the modem and wireless devices for internet service. Both have the same packages and speed but different connectivity modes. 



If you are prepaid subscribers, you have to renew your package each month; the charges may vary according to your chosen subscription. You can fetch your bill online and check the balance of the payments; the sum amount is the total charges of the internet you have consumed this month; this facility is only for postpaid customers.



The PTCL EVO was a revolutionary device that upgraded the internet connection from long wired to a wireless connection. It is a broadband internet device that can connect up to 10 wifi devices at a time. It is a rechargeable device; its single charge can last for 6 hours at a time.

 There are various EVO internet packages available; all the packages have no limits to download; the monthly price may vary according to internet speed. 


PTCL EVO Bill Online

ptcl evo bill online

PTCL provides facilities for its consumers that they can view their EVO bills online. You can check your monthly bill online. All you need is your MDN number, log in with your details, and put your number into the box; you can download, print, and pay your bill online. Both postpaid and prepaid customers can see their bills online.


How to check the PTCL Evo bill online?

You can quickly check your PTCL EVO bill online. Check the step by step guide below.

  1. Click the button given at the top of this page
  2. Log in to the official website of PTCL with your details
  3. Click on your designated prepaid or postpaid service
  4. Put your MDN number in the box 
  5. Your bill will be generated on your screen

Once the bill has appeared on your screen, there are more options for you. You can download and pay your bills online easily. 


Billing Mode

There are two methods available for the payment of the EVO bill. You can subscribe to prepaid or postpaid. The prepaid customers have available packages, and you can subscribe to anyone for a month; after a complete cycle of days, you have to recharge and subscribe again for the package. The postpaid model renews automatically, and you get a bill every month. 


PTCL EVO Bill download

ptcl evo download

You can check your bill online, and you can also download your EVO bill online. There are various reasons why the bill hasn’t arrived yet, and you have to pay within its date. You can download your bill online and pay to any registered shops or banks available locally near you. To download your bill online, check out the below steps.


How to download PTCL EVO Bills Online?

To download bills online, follow the below steps.

  1. Go to the top of this page
  2. Enter your registered MDN number in the given box
  3. Press the enter button 
  4. Your new bill will have appeared; you can see the download option below
  5. Click the download button, and your bill will be downloaded into your internal storage.


How to pay PTCL EVO Bills Online?

It is easy to pay; if you are not familiar with or doing it for the first time, check the steps below. They will guide you to bill paying the complete process.

  1. Open the app of the bank on your phone
  2. Select bill payments
  3. Select Telephone
  4. Select PTCL as a distributor
  5. Enter your MDN number in the account number
  6. Your PTCL bill will be fetched
  7. Click on the pay now button 
  8. Once your bill is paid, you will receive a confirmation message from your bank. 



Every month your EVO bill is delivered to your account, email address Vand through message. You can check your bill online and pay them online with various available resources. You can check your bill and other details on its official website. Login with your details, and you can easily navigate through all the elements on the website. You can also download and get information through its app on the play store.



How to pay the PTCL EVO bill?

You can pay your PTCL EVO bill from both methods online and offline. If you are a postpaid customer, you can pay your bill at your nearest bank.


How to pay the PTCL EVO bill online?

You can visit PTCL official website and pay from there, and you can also pay your bill via bank apps, 

  • Log in to your bank app
  • Select bill payment
  • Select PTCL
  • Put your MDN number 
  • Your bill will be fetched 
  • Tap on pay now
  • Your bill will be shown as paid. 

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