PTCL Landline Bills 2021

In general, it might happen that you lost your PTCL landline bill and did not receive it before the due date of payment. It is usually a common problem that leads to a massive fine in additional charges as PTCL fails to receive a bill before the due date. 

There are many possible reasons for this: non-payment of bills, late payment of a bill, moving out of the same address as the subscriber, etc. If you encounter such a situation, what are the remedies to get back your bill? How will you pay for the penalty? We have discussed each and everything below in this article.

Many subscribers often receive a PTCL Landline bill at the post office to be paid when received. So, what are the easiest ways to receive the bill periodically at your doorstep? 

First of all, you can return the PTCL landline bill by sending a mail that includes the return receipt. You need to keep the records of your monthly statement so that you can produce them to the nearest branch office and then they can send your bill on time. Another way to return the bill on time is to send an email to the customer service regarding the billing address and recipient and to enclose the receipt and address.


PTCL Landline Bill

Your bill is dispatched to your registered address every month if you have subscribed to a postpaid landline package. The bill includes all the amount of calls you have consumed this month. If you haven’t received your bill yet, you can check your bill online at PTCL’s official website.


PTCL Landline Bill Online

ptcl landline bill online

PTCL provides a facility for its consumers that they can check their landline bills online. It takes time to reach the bill at your doorstep monthly. Every month you can get your bill by entering your reference number in the above box. You can also check your previous bills, download, and print them easily. There is no limit to access bills online.


Bill Via Email

The email-protected feature helps you receive a PTCL Landline bill, even if you are not at your home. You have to enter into the ‘protected’ part of the email and click on forward.’ This will help you enter the number where you are sending the bill, and it will appear as an email in your inbox.


The thing you should know

Getting a PTCL Landline bill via email is convenient and easy. However, you have to follow specific rules if you want to receive your bill via email. Firstly, you should check the validity period of your account id. If it is expired, you cannot receive the bill. Secondly, you have to add the email account id into the ‘from’ field when you send the bill to avoid confusion.


PTCL Landline Duplicate Bill

These are the simple ways of getting duplicate bill online. You can visit your nearest office and ask for your duplicate bill. You have to submit your registered details to get your duplicate bill copy. You can also get duplicate bill copy online. 

How to get PTCL Landline Bill Online?

Follow the below steps we have discussed in detail below; all you need is an active internet connection and mobile phone or desktop.

  1. Click on the button on top or go to PTCL official website
  2. Click on bill payment and recharge
  3. Put your area code and landline number
  4. Click on inquire bill
  5. Your bill will appear on your screen.

To your landline bill online, you might be familiar with internet browsing.



Some people have the habit of ignoring their bills, and thus they never get their bills from service providers. For those people, PTCL provides a free website where one can find the details about your bill and also receive emails from PTCL regarding his/ her bills. A subscriber can register to receive automated email alerts on your bill. It is the best way to stay updated and make the necessary rectifications when needed.


How to check the PTCL Landline bill online.

Go to its official website or click on the button on top, click on the bill, put your information, your bill will appear on your screen. 

How to get your Duplicate Bill?

To get the Duplicate Bill, follow the steps below:

  • Login on PTCL official website or app
  • Select Bill Inquiry & Payment
  • Select D-Bill
  • Link your connection 
  • Select the month you want to check the bill
  • You can download and proceed to payment.



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