PTCL Landline Packages 2021

PTCL provides its clients with a variety of different phone and broadband services to meet any need you may have. PTCL Landline Packages offer flexible plans to meet your individual needs. If you are looking for the best way to keep in touch with friends and family, then PTCL has everything you need. 

PTCL Landline Packages

PTCL Landline Packages is the perfect way to connect your office to the outside world. With this package, you will be able to enjoy unlimited long distance calls, and you will be able to call anywhere in the world for low costs.

Packages On-net CallsOff-net CallsInternational MinsVAS BundleCharges Per Month
Freedom 500Unlimited200 Mins-FreeRs. 500/-
Freedom 1000Unlimited700 Mins200 MinsFreeRs. 1,000/-
Freedom 3000Unlimited2000 Mins200 MinsFreeRs. 3,000/-
Freedom 5000Unlimited4000 Mins400 MinsFreeRs. 5,000/-
Freedom 8000Unlimited8000 Mins800 MinsFreeRs. 8,000/-

PTCL Internet Packages

ptcl internet packages11

If you are also looking for a great deal for the internet, then the PTCL also offers a broadband internet package, it is the way to go. PTCL broadband internet packages have monthly internet packages that you can use to communicate with your friends and family. 

The monthly internet packages include unlimited long-distance calls to all other areas in the United States and Canada. With this package, you will be able to stay connected with anyone and anytime you want. You won’t have to worry about missing a friend’s call because you are busy or trying to find an international call for a connection that you don’t have.

For Home and Office Use

PTCL offers packages that work for small offices and homes as well as larger corporations. These services are competitively priced and provide excellent customer support. The PTCL website has detailed information about their services. If a PTCL landline package does not meet your calling needs, then it is time to see what else is out there.

International Calls and Connectivity

The service also offers unlimited long-distance calls to Canada and the continental US. You will have an excellent connection with monthly internet packages. This way, you will be able to stay connected with those who live across the country or even the world. 

With the PTCL unlimited data plan, you will have unlimited access to download songs, movies, pictures, and other essential files, so you don’t have to be worried about getting your information or media illegally. When it comes to downloading anything from your computer, you don’t have to worry about going over your limit and having your phone shut off.

Best Digital Calling

Digital Calling

With the PTCL internet packages, you also get access to digital calling features, which include unlimited calls to any cell phone number in the continental world. It makes digital phone use at a very affordable price. With the internet package, you can stay connected to people across the country and even the world. 

For those who want the ultimate mobile communication experience, the PTCL mobile phone is an excellent option. They give you the freedom to talk on the phone while you are on the go.



As you can see, there are many reasons for using PTCL landline and internet packages. They provide great value with an affordable price tag. They work well for both home users and business users who need the convenience of connecting from anywhere they may happen to be. They work well as an alternative to traditional telephone lines.



If you are a business owner, you should definitely check out PTCL Landline packages. You will love how affordable the monthly package is. In fact, it is the lowest-priced service available today. You will enjoy free unlimited data. Take a look at this tremendous low-cost service today, and you will soon see why PTCL is so popular.



Q. How to apply for a New PTCL Landline connection?

Ans. Some of the steps are given below; you can choose anyone to get a new landline connection

  • Dial to call center: 1218
  • Visit your nearest office
  • One-Stop Shops (OSS) 5. 
  • Send a text message from your phone, for example, “New LL” to 0512181218 
  • Go to the official website and apply for a new connection

Q. How to change the Landline package?

  • Dial helpline number 1218
  • Visit Customer-Care-Center

Q. How to shift connection from one place or city to another?

The official charges are set at Rs.500 for shifting the connection from one city to another. Customers can claim through the application or by visiting the customer care center. You have to pay the charges, and your PTCL connection will be migrated.

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